FHIR Adapter

The FHIR Adapter is a microservice that can translate a JSON payload using a generic, non-standard JSON schema to a FHIR-standard JSON payload and store it in an FHIR server. It can also retrieve FHIR resources from an FHIR server and return them according to a custom JSON schema.

The goal of the FHIR Adapter is to enable interoperability between systems that implement the FHIR standard and systems that do not. This allows the FHIR standard to be introduced into your ecosystem without the need to upgrade legacy systems.

The FHIR Adapter needs to work with an FHIR server. An off-the-shelf server, called the Mia FHIR Server, is available in the Mia Platform Marketplace and can be paired with the FHIR Adapter. However, any server that implements the FHIR standard can be associated with the FHIR Adapter.

Key Features

  • Conversion from custom data to FHIR

  • Conversion from FHIR to custom data

  • Interoperability among siloed Systems of Records (SoRs)

Use Cases

Mapping and conversion of unstructured clinical information to FHIR data format

Retrieve FHIR information and match them with no-FHIR data

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