Teleconsultation Service

The Teleconsultation Service is the microservice that enables the main use cases of telemedicine. The service enables remote doctor-patient or doctor-to-doctor visits, combined with the ability to securely exchange files such as reports and use other tools such as chat, whiteboard, and screen sharing.

Patients can interact directly with doctors and nurses when a medical visit is needed by asking for remote consultation.

Doctors can perform clinical evaluations during the visit by leveraging a set of user-friendly toolboxes and interacting with patients in real time.

Works greatly with

Appointment Manager

Remote visits can be integrated within the Appointment Manager, ensuring the ability to generate links for remote visits.

Messaging Service

Link to access remote visits can be sent through multiple channels, enabling push notifications of reminders.

Use Cases

Doctor-patient remote visits and consultations

Synchronous and asynchronous consultation

Enablement of telerehabilitation programs

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