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Mia-Care and Vonage, a global leader in cloud communication services, hosted the “Building a Healthcare Platform in 2022” event. The goal of the event was to involve digital healthcare enthusiasts by bringing together ideas and suggestions about how to build a modern healthcare platform.

The event started with two insightful presentations led by Marzio Ghezzi, CEO of Mia-Care, and Marc Marchal de Corny, Customer Solution Architect EMEA Team Lead at Vonage. Later, all the guests took part in a valuable round table on delivering a modular platform efficiently for the Italian healthcare system by including private and public operators. Future challenges and confirmations arose when the discussion led to new technologies such as blockchain, IoT, or cloud computing and how they can be leveraged within the healthcare field.

During the round table, the importance of composable technology as a game-changer bloomed out. We decided to focus on this relevant topic by recording a conversation between Marzio and Marc, discussing the strategic importance of a composable business.

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Maintaining the patient at the center through personalization of the medicine, having access to the data, and deciding about the accessibility of this data or usage, today is fundamental for the patients. Therefore we, as a technology vendor, work with the healthcare providers to build the solutions that get this patient centricity to the healthcare system.”

Marzio Ghezzi – CEO @ Mia-Care

Key Insights about Composable Technology

Are you curious about the insights and findings gathered from the discussion on Composable Technology? Find them here below!

  • It is important to leverage state-of-the-art capabilities
    Bringing patients to the center means achieving the best way to let people access care but, at the same time empowering them through the use of new technologies that can close the gap between doctors and patient communication.

  • Competence specialization is fundamental to maintaining a digital ecosystem healthily
    Creating and maintaining a digital ecosystem is very challenging, it is mandatory to partner with organizations that focus on specialized parts of the workflow and deliver a best-of-breed product to the market.

  • Information is key, as security and privacy
    When you look at the healthcare industry you have to focus on data privacy as clinical and personal information is managed. The best way to secure relevant information is to have all the parts of your process certified from leaks risk.

  • Data integration is mandatory to meet quality expectations of clinical outcomes
    Creating services where patients and doctors can find new means of collaboration is essential today. Mia-Care can easily enable collaboration through APIs and FHIR-based connectors.

  • Flexibility is strategic today since the needs change quickly
    Flexibility is not intended exclusively on the business side but also in the architectural pattern. It becomes strategic to leave the ability to create new components and promptly include these into a meta-architecture by a fast configuration.

  • Build custom and personal experience with a composable approach
    Within the same country, within a large zone like Europe, everybody wants to be slightly different. To achieve this, modularity is a great way to operate as you can select the best partners for the best result in a specific environment.


Undoubtedly, companies that tend to adopt a composable approach and technology will win over others by dominating the competition.

Corporate companies will have to be ready to meet the challenges of the market by adapting their processes as well. These will have to become more agile and ready for change. How? Certainly adopting a Composable approach is an excellent strategy.

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The article was written by Andrea Di Carlo, .

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