Mia-Care works with Pharma customers providing a new set of digital capabilities to deliver more personalized therapies while improving patients’ compliance and engagement.

Our technology is compliant with EU and US standards for regulated solutions, and it enables real-world evidence to support access, reimbursement, and value-based care.

Our Platform Builder supports:

  • Digital Therapy Management
  • Patient Engagement
  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials

MedTech players adopt Mia-Care to connect digital applications to medical devices, improving patient experience and healthcare service delivery.

The dedicated solution allows medical device companies to gather and process real-time data to support patients’ therapies, enable data monetization, and open to strategic partnerships.

Mia-Care gives you the ability to meet multiple business objectives as:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Device Traceability
  • Real-Time Device Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials


Med Tech



Digitalization enables clinics and hospitals to simplify the patient journey, engage real-time with customers, and improve service efficiency.

Mia-Care allows healthcare institutions to integrate owned services with third-party applications, enabling a unique entry point for all digital channels and providing patients with direct access to personal data and therapies.

Mia-Care is deployed from Hospital Groups for:

  • Digital Patient Onboarding
  • Patient Journey Digitalization
  • Telehealth and Telemonitoring Application
  • API Middleware Deployment

Digital health companies can leverage a flexible and secure development environment, characterized by zero lock-ins, to accelerate the time-to-market of new service offerings and open new strategic partnerships exploiting new market opportunities.

Mia-Care provides a software suite enabling integration and scalability to meet the market demand.

Mia-Care platform is built on the most innovative technology:

  • Marketplace of ready-to-use Microservices
  • Headless CMS and API Gateway
  • Workflow Manager for Full Automation
  • Fast Data and Event-Driven Architectures


Digital Health


Health Insurance

Mia-Care works with Insurances to extend companies’ product portfolio adding interconnected digital health solutions and providing a comprehensive digital service offer to insurance clients.

Mia-Care platform is fully compliant and equipped with FHIR® accelerators for seamless integration with third-party healthcare providers.

We can help health insurance companies to build:

  • Behavior and Activity Tracking (IoT)
  • Digital Health Coaching
  • Virtual Clinics
  • Remote Visit and Monitoring

Create a cloud-native platform to
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