Webinar | October 18th 2023 12:00 PM CET

Connecting Care: Revolutionizing Telehealth Through Secure Digital Platforms

Building an efficient and secure digital structure to manage the patient journey is a challenge for the whole healthcare industry. It entails a close relationship among care facilities, doctors, and patients. Patients want to stay informed, involved, and aware of each step on their therapeutic path, becoming an active part of the process.

The proactive involvement of patients presents its challenges: adopting a holistic and patient-centric approach, designing a  learning path towards digitalization for patients as well as securing the exchange of data and information along the way.

Kaleyra and Mia-Care want to increase and spread knowledge on how to enhance telehealth and remote assistance by building a digital health platform enriched by solid and secure communication services, from video calls to direct messages and push notifications.

Using our own experience, this webinar essentially demonstrates the need for an “omnichannel” mentality and strategy when it comes to connecting patients and healthcare.

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  • 12:00 | Telemedicine technology use across Europe: an overview
    Andrea Di Carlo, Senior Product Marketing at Mia-Care

  • 12:10 | The era of Digital Health Platforms has arrived
    What is Composable Architecture and why is important in the healthcare sector
    What is the value of building a Digital Health Platform
    Marzio Ghezzi, CEO at Mia-Care

  • 12:25 | Building an Omnichannel Patient Journey: the role of digital communication in Healthcare
    How to improve patient care and build loyalty with real-time communication
    Healthcare Communication Toolbox by Kaleyra: putting patients in full control
    Mary Wieder, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Kaleyra

  • 12:40 | Testimonial from Client
    A real use case adoption: MDConcierge
    Riccardo Altura, Chief Information Officer at MDConcierge

  • 12:55 | Q&A and Conclusions

Main Speakers

Marzio Ghezzi

Chief Executive Officer
@ Mia-Care

Mary Wieder

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Kaleyra

Riccardo Altura

Chief Information Officer
@ MDConcierge