Cloud Native migration discussion in Mia-Care’s first workshop

Milan, July 2023 – Mia-Care, the leading company supporting digital transformation in Healthcare, held a workshop dedicated to cloud-native migration toward full digitalization.

In the Mia-Care Headquarters, the Mia-Care Tech Team hosted a hands-on workshop on strategies for executing a cloud migration in healthcare. The panelists covered topics such as IT governance, re-platforming, and platform engineering.

The focus was on methodologies and best practices for approaching and evaluating the refactoring of monolithic applications towards a platform engineering approach. Indeed, healthcare IT managers and CIOs worldwide are facing a common challenge: the need to improve technology performance while containing costs. Digital transformation is imperative for systems healthcare, impacting patient outcomes, management staffing, and expansion of service models.

The use of digital technologies improves the efficiency of systems health care, provides personalized health care, and enables the collection and analysis of an enormous amount of data thanks to the convergence of new computational capabilities that aim to have a total view of the health status of the citizens. This Workshop is a  practical look at the challenges IT managers face when it is time to modernize the IT infrastructure for a new, more flexible, and agile organizational structure.

It was a fantastic opportunity to interact with partners and discuss how to overcome the burdens of traditional approaches to scaling.

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