Avoid certification pitfalls in SaMD development: Mia-Care’s second workshop

Milan, October 2023 – Mia-Care, the leading company supporting digital transformation in Healthcare, held a workshop dedicated to Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) development.

In the Mia-Care Headquarters, the Mia-Care Tech Team hosted a hands-on workshop on strategies for developing a certified SaMD by avoiding all the common pitfalls characterizing the several development stages.

This workshop will explore the potential of SaMD, its regulatory requirements, and the challenges associated with software component development. We will see how the use of microservices, orchestrated within a component architecture, enables the creation of reusable, regulatory-compliant software components needed to deliver SaMD projects faster while significantly reducing development costs.

Mia-Care’s software suite, consisting of an Internal Developer Platform for developers and a marketplace of ready-to-use plugins, simplifies the adoption of these new technologies and accelerates the commercialization and certification of a SaMD. Finally, we will move from theory to practice by demonstrating how to manage the different phases of SaMD development through a product demo.

It was a fantastic opportunity to interact with partners and discuss how to overcome the burdens of traditional approaches to SaMD development.

For more information about this interesting topic, feel free to write to our team at info@mia-care.io

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