How Telemedicine reshapes Healthcare Systems – An event by Kaleyra and Mia-Care

Milan, September 2022 – Kaleyra and Mia-Care together to share the value of direct, secure, and reliable doctor-to-patient communication. The two technology Partners organized a joint event dedicated to Telemedicine excellence encompassing startups and corporates focused on patient journey digitalization.

The partnership between Mia-Care and Kaleyra, an API-based platform focused on improving digital communication, was funded to improve communication among the stakeholders that surround the healthcare ecosystem. The high expertise in digitalizing the communication channels and the technical excellence of Mia-Care are the pillars for providing the best experience ever for building a digital healthcare platform. 

The two Partners hosed many healthcare companies and digital health startups for an insightful conversation on the guidelines to follow for improving the adoption and diffusion of telemedicine. During the evening, the stalls talked about processes, regulations, competencies, strategic vision, and technology.

To complete the great picture, two Clients were with us to share their experience using Mia-Care Technology powered by the Kaleyra API-based platform. Firstly, Croce Rossa Italiana explained the importance of user engagement and retention when asking for feedback on social activities such as blood donation. Secondly, it was the case of Previdigital, a provider of welfare services that went deep into how they created a Telemedicine platform with Mia-Care by improving massively the integration and collaboration of different healthcare partners. 

To enjoy a few pics from the event, click here.

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