Medical IoT in Digital Health Platform: Mia-Care partners with Medisanté

Milan, July 2023 – Mia-Care, the world’s first digital healthcare platform builder, and Medisanté, a Swiss-based global innovator in medical IoT, cooperate in virtual care.

The purpose of the collaboration is to increase the adoption of medical IoT devices at home and enable near real-time monitoring, tracking, and therapy observations in a modern healthcare platform.

We are very proud of the partnership with Mia-Care. We are committed to helping their clients leverage the unique benefits of Medisanté Hub (M+ Hub), the 1st global medical IoT cloud infrastructure in virtual care. It will deliver medical IoT data as a Service to them for a broad range of devices while making no compromise on privacy, security or inclusion.”

Gilles Lunzenfichter – CEO @ Medisanté

Dealing with multiple medical devices brought by consumers is characterized by a massive heterogeneity of standards, firmware complexity, security, and privacy risks. This challenge often represents a major concern for healthcare providers. It has to be addressed so that they can focus on designing and developing health-related services while relying on seamless IoT data collection from trusted provisioned devices to treat chronic and acute conditions. 

The partnership between Mia-Care and Medisanté achieves this by bringing a seamless and secure device experience at scale to all stakeholders involved in virtual care. It will reduce the time needed to design, build and deploy new software applications to manage devices, thanks to a rich marketplace of ready-to-use accelerators that execute the most requested healthcare business operations such as booking appointments, enabling doctor-patient communication, and building custom forms for anamnesis and medical records. 

About Mia-Care

Mia-Care is an innovative startup, born from the Mia-Platform experience, that supports the digital transformation of the Healthcare and Life Science industries.

By adopting Mia-Care, corporates can benefit from a significant acceleration of time-to-market, a sharp reduction in IT costs, and easy integration with internal and external touchpoints. Mia-Care provides an Internal Development Platform that speeds up digital healthcare applications development and management.

With Mia-Care cloud-native software suite, DevOps Teams can seamlessly design, build, deliver, and orchestrate digital services leveraging a composable architecture approach.

Gartner has named Mia-Platform Cool Vendor 2021 for Software Engineering and recognizes it as one of the first products to offer a ready-to-use Digital Integration Hub platform.

About Medisanté

Medisanté enables the hospital at home with global cellular IoT. This is the only way to keep the device experience seamless and secure at scale for all stakeholders involved in virtual care.

Medisanté Hub (M+ Hub) is the 1st global medical IoT cloud infrastructure that abstracts in one cloud a broad range of devices provisioned by healthcare providers and requiring no configuration by patients. 

By connecting and managing such devices – powered by Medisanté – over a global private cellular network, M+ Hub redefines device interoperability for health IT teams and enables fleet management for biomedical engineers across country, vendor, and platform silos. 
It enables care teams to scale remote patient monitoring or decentralized clinical trials in the 3rd party compliant platform of their choice with no compromise on security, privacy, or inclusion.

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