Mia-Care joins new communities by sponsoring the Healthcare Europe Festival 2021

Virtual, June 2021 – Mia-Care is a proud sponsor of Healthcare Europe Festival 2021, the global event celebrating Europe’s Healthcare best startups taking place in virtual mode on June, 15th.

Healthcare Europe Festival 2021 is one of the key events in Europe in the healthcare scenario. The one-day digital event brings together industry innovators, decision-makers, and thought leaders from the medical, life science, and technology sectors to discover how technology and innovation are reshaping the future of healthcare. 

Marzio Ghezzi, CEO @ Mia-Care will give an insight into the key benefits and challenges of bringing Healthcare to the Cloud and will present the disruptive technology brought by Mia-Care in the healthcare market in front of more than 2,000 participants.

What we do every day at Mia-Care is to enable the development of the next generation of Digital Products and Solutions for the healthcare industry and create integrated digital health services improving patient outcomes and healthcare delivery by using Mia-Care Platform. I am looking forward to participating in the Healthcare Europe Festival 2021 to listen to insightful discussions about the future of digital health and to bring our knowledge and expertise.

Marzio Ghezzi, CEO @ Mia-Care

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