Mia-Care is now part of the HL7 Italian Community

Milan, March 2023 – Mia-Care is proudly part of the HL7 Italian Community aimed at growing and strengthening the use of FHIR as the leading data model for healthcare information sharing.

HL7 Italy was formed in 2003 as part of HL7 International and is responsible for localizing the standard in Italian reality. More broadly, it aims to stimulate and channel regional and national contributions to develop a common FHIR framework standard by fostering the modernization of Italian health IT.

Its members represent on the vendor side the majority share of the health IT market. Also, members of HL7 Italy are several Italian Regions, several Regional In-Houses, Government Agencies, Public Research Institutes, and lastly, Healthcare Companies and individual professionals.

Mia-Care grew year over year with deep expertise in handling clinical information by leveraging HL7’s FHIR data model to ingest and translate data from multiple heterogeneous sources to FHIR-based data frameworks.

Being part of a technical community means sharing the expertise gained these years with the goal to broaden the use of HL7 to provide standards that enable global interoperability of health data specifically in the Italian market.

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