Mia-Care is one of the main protagonists at SMAU Innovation Milan 2022

Milan, October 2022 – Mia-Care participates in SMAU Milano 2022 with a booth to share its value proposition, and a pitch within the roundtable focused on the challenges brought by digital health currently.

SMAU Milano 2022 is the reference event in Italy on innovation and startups. An event lived intensely to find new proposals, ideas, and partners for building the future of your business together. Corporates are guided in the Startup Safaris to discover the innovations closest to the needs of your business, participate in the more than fifty free workshops to keep up to date with the latest trends, and, in the networking events to meet the real protagonists of change and give birth to new partnerships.

Mia-Care was selected as an example of technical excellence. During the trade fair, many corporates met to discuss what could be a strategic digital project to unlock by leveraging a modular cloud-native platform. 

Never before were pharmaceutical and hospital companies facing great and important strategic challenges in the development of new digital solutions since new cloud-based technologies play a key role in this historical moment of change. In this landscape, Mia-Care participated in the roundtable dedicated to paving the way for digital transformation in the Italian healthcare industry.

To enjoy a few pics from the event, click here.

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