Mia-Care launches the first season of the “Digital Health Tales” Podcast

Milan, July 2022 – Mia-Care publishes the first episode of the Digital Health Tales Podcast, a new project aimed at spreading the voice of innovation surrounding the healthcare sector. The 5-episodes pilot will be held throughout 2022 with five episodes, followed by a recurrent appointment of ten episodes in the following years.

Mia-Care, a fast-growing startup born in late 2020 to bring digital transformation in the healthcare system, is ready to undertake the challenge by bringing in its patient-centric innovative solutions and expertise within a strong corporate network of more than 20 German and international insurers, technology firms, consultancies, and cross-industry players.

When Mia-Care Marketing Team thought about launching a Podcast, they were sure that that effort would have been massive. However, the return in term of thought leadership and education could be relevant. For this reason, with the contribution of our CEO Marzio Ghezzi, the Team wondered about the best people to involve and, lastly, came up with the idea of inviting five professionals encompassing all the market we have under the radar, from digital health startups to hospitals and welfare services providers. 

In a few months, the backbone of the first Mia-Care Podcast project was ready. The aim is to create a space where innovation experts from the Healthcare industry talk about their experience and bring their input on a topic on which they are experts or tell success stories related to the projects they are leading. The 5-weeks format involved different topics and people, hence below is a brief description of what you can find in the Podcast:

  1. Paolo Locatelli – Data enhancement and interoperability among health systems (🇮)
    The objective of the episode is to explore one of the most hotly debated topics ever in recent years and one that has also become a major issue in light of the NRP: we talk about health data, its management and interoperability, and its exploitation.
  2. David Tacconi – Digital technologies for Telerehabilitation (🇮)
    The episode hosts David Tacconi, an entrepreneur from Trento who has created a promising reality dedicated to remote rehabilitation, Euleria Health. The focus in on what was the initial idea that convinced David and his team to focus on digital technologies to improve the rehabilitation experience.
  1. Elena Sini – Accelerating digital transformation in the hospital world (🇮)
    Elena Sini, CIO of the Villa Maria Hospital Group, an important reality present in Europe and ten regions of Italy and a founding member of the HIMSS Italia community, is our guest to talk about digital transformation in the hospital world.
  1. Remo Quintino – The value of entrepreneurship and the new vision of integrative healthcare (🇮)
    In the fourth Digital Health Tales episode, the host is Remo Quintino, a manager, and entrepreneur who is an expert on the topic of healthcare services and digitization. Many years of experience behind him in Italy and the United States, and today he is responsible for Previdigital’s innovation and digitization processes.
  1. Mauro Rubin – The Power of Augmented Reality Applied to Healthcare (🇮)
    The latest installment features Mauro Rubin, AR expert and founder of JoinPad, a reality that bases its value on augmented reality. During Covid-19, Joinpad created new tools to support the monitoring of disease symptoms through special glasses.

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