Mia-Care proudly sponsors the Observatory for Digital Innovation in Healthcare of Politecnico University of Milan

Milan, February 2021 – Mia-Care is a proud sponsor of the Observatory for Digital Innovation in Healthcare of the Politecnico University of Milan, one of the key research hubs in the healthcare scenario in Italy. 

As a technological partner for the healthcare industry, Mia-Care supports research about Digital Innovation in Healthcare. We are dedicated to enabling healthcare providers to seamlessly design, build, deliver and orchestrate digital services leveraging a modern web architecture based on fast data, process automation, containerization and advanced analytics.

The Observatory of Digital Innovation in Healthcare 

The Observatory of Digital Innovation in Healthcare aims at analyzing and promoting digital technologies in the healthcare system. In particular, its main objective is to: 

  • Carry out insightful research and analysis to support decision-makers in the healthcare sector to drive innovation, also based on digital technologies; 
  • Create a culture, communicate and spread knowledge about Digital Innovation in Healthcare among institutions, healthcare facilities, healthcare operators, citizens, and so on; 
  • Create networking and discussion opportunities among the stakeholders of the healthcare industry in a pre-competitive context, promoting cooperation between all players. 

The Final Convention of the observatory Digital Innovation in Healthcare 2021

The final convention of the observatory Digital healthcare beyond the emergency takes place on May 26th, 2021.  

These are some of the topics that will be discussed together with the key experts, associations, institutions and private and public healthcare facilities:

  • What was the total expenditure for digital healthcare in Italy?
  • What is the usage of the main applications and technologies supporting Connected Care?
  • How much do citizens and patients use digital tools in their prevention and treatment path? 
  • What’s the readiness of healthcare operators for digital tools? 
  • What are the key benefits and barriers that hamper innovation? 
  • What are the most important actions to take to enable the Connected Care model?

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