Mia-Care selected for ELIS Open Italy Demo Days 2023

Rome, May 2023 – Mia-Care, the leading innovation company supporting the digital transformation of the Healthcare industry, was selected to bring its expertise and state-of-the-art technology to the Demo Days organized by ELIS Open Italy in Rome.

The event will be divided into the first part of listening to the pitches with an opportunity to ask follow-up questions. Afterward, there will be a voting phase by the corporates to identify the start-ups most in line with the business needs presented.

With alternating pitches and inspiring talks, the key theme will be nurturing collaborative innovation through best practices that have generated more impactful solutions over time and useful tips for successful co-innovation projects.

Mia-Care was selected by a panel of more than 100 experts in the perimeter of Security and Healthcare to present the platform in front of the stalls. A deep conversation with companies such as Poste Italiane e Fincantieri arose in a very collaborative and friendly environment.

For more information about us and our participation in the event, feel free to write to our team at info@mia-care.io

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