Mia-Care supports MDConcierge to create a prevention care platform

Milan, January 2022 – Mia-Care and MD Concierge have finalized the launch of an innovative new platform dedicated to offering digital healthcare services to people looking for prevention care plans.

The new service will provide a wide portfolio of healthcare services to people who want to be followed attentively by a team of specialized nurses and doctors to lower the risk of chronic disease or acute illness. 

We are happy to start 2022 with the new MDConcierge Digital Health Record, created and developed by Mia-Care with its microservices platform, that will guarantee scalability, evolution, and a unique experience for our Beneficiaries.

Riccardo Altura, CIO @ MD Concierge

The platform is already running and provides the following services.

  • Concierge Medicine: a personal physician who has a profound understanding of personal medical history and current ailments, results in a more personalized health plan that saves time and allows to avoid unnecessary exams and visits;
  • Check Forward: The long-distance healthcare and prevention service for those who travel frequently or live far away and need an Italian-friendly personal physician;
  • Wearable Health: remote monitoring activities using connected medical devices.

New features and services will be released in the following months. Visit the MDConcierge website to see what’s next.

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