Empower IT Teams to design the Healthcare cloud‑native Platform tailored for your needs.

Envision and deploy healthcare services seamlessly with the best‑in‑class technologies and components, providing a comprehensive omnichannel experience.

Fast Data Integration

Combine operational, clinical, and financial data to provide a wide range of meaningful information gathered in real‑time on a single view, enhancing your decision‑making process and data‑driven monitoring.

The Fast Data Integration layer enables the creation of a Single View to overtake siloed information problems.

Cloud-Native DevOps

Design, build and orchestrate your custom digital services and accelerate your time‑to‑market with a powerful, all‑in‑one development Console.

The solution relies on Kubernetes and the best‑in‑class technologies to develop microservices, APIs, serverless functions and event‑driven architectures.

Advanced Backoffice

Leverage a fully configurable Backoffice to easily manage multitenant configuration, user registration, authorization, and permissions.

Mia-Care Backoffice manages contents with a Headless CMS, provides Front‑end for data visualization, and finally, allows you to build new custom Front‑end for different use cases.


Accelerate the pace of development with a rich marketplace of services tailored to build your application in the healthcare continuum.

Our pre-built API and Microservices components can help you to create modern cloud-native architectures, improve integration, comply with regulations, and unlock the power of healthcare data.

Mia-Care Accelerators bring together ready-to-use plugins to help healthcare players deal with complex operations and speed up the time-to-market of digital services, anticipating market needs. In addition, Mia-Care technology supports HL7 and FHIR data models to stay compliant with market standards.

Leverage in-scope accelerators to improve the integration with your external touchpoints and build a comprehensive ecosystem of digital services.

Forget about platform setup,
focus on your digital business logics.