Build Certified SaMD with a regulated Healthcare Developer Platform

This workshop will explore the potential of Software as a Medical Device, its regulatory requirements, and the challenges associated with software component development.

We will see how the use of microservices, orchestrated within a Composable Architecture, enables the creation of reusable software components to build SaMD projects faster and significantly reduces development costs.

Mia-Care’s Healthcare Internal Developer Platform simplifies the use of cloud-native technologies to build SaMD and accelerates the certification of a SaMD by enabling a regulated software development process through automation.

Finally, we will move from theory to practice by demonstrating how to manage the different phases of SaMD development through a product demo.


  • Brief introduction: SaMD definitions and commercial applications
    Marzio Ghezzi, CEO

  • Compliance-by-design
    The requirements for software development that complies with regulations
    Marzio Ghezzi, CEO

  • Full Governance and Extended Automation
    How Mia-Care enables the creation of certified SaMD
    Antonio La Salandra, Delivery Manager

  • Live Product Demo e Q&A
    Davide Calabrò, Solution Architect


Marzio Ghezzi

Chief Executive Officer
@ Mia-Care

Antonio La Salandra

Delivery Manager
@ Mia-Care

Davide Calabrò

Solution Architect
@ Mia-Care