Acquire the best-in-class technical competencies to enhance your professional skills and strengthen your business with Mia-Care.

We offer a vast program of courses focusing on strategies, techniques, and technologies that help healthcare companies improve their competencies on our digital products.

Mia-Care Academy provides training on the job for experienced professionals who want to accelerate their learning process and consolidate the know-how of digital technologies. Mia-Care specialists pair with the client’s teams to transfer knowledge effectively.


Service Desk

In a context where requirements change rapidly, acting with pace is crucial for aiming at success.

Mia-Care provides a high-quality customer experience to current clients, ensuring a rapid resolution exactly when needed. In addition, our frontline support team is available 24/7 for any problems related to platform maintenance.

Fast and efficient Service Level Agreements are possible thanks to a solid ticketing system, allowing IT support to be organized, focused, and effective when it is time to take action for solving the problem promptly.


Professional Services

We put our competencies at your service, helping you design, implement and improve your modern cloud-native architecture.

Mia-Care provides specialized experts to assess your existing information architecture and the maturity level of your digital assets to understand how to support your cloud-native digital evolution.

We envision new innovative solutions based on your current assets, managing your orchestration patterns and data streams from your mainframe to the end-user experience.

Are you looking for a specialist to support you in your digital transformation projects?