Build a Preventive Care Platform

About MDConcierge

MDConcierge is the first Italian company dealing with Concierge Care, a membership‑based healthcare that pairs exclusive, personalized care with access to care seven days a week.  Its main focus is on primary prevention to change the approach to healthcare: the referring physician is an ally to preserve health and not simply the point of reference during a disease.

The project aimed to create a microservices-based platform improving data governance, device integration, accessibility, and usability for patients and doctors. Thanks to a modular approach and ready-to-use applications, the digital platform helps administrative staff speed up the management of patients, doctors improve the quality of prevention plans created, and patients follow precisely their therapies and health recommendations.

Benefits and KPIs


Increase in handling administrative operations


Efficiency in Health Operations Management


Time saved by Doctors on Health Report creation

4 months

Time to go-live from
project kickoff

The Need

MDConcierge offers its clients a referring physician, or “tutor”, a network of excellence, a unique access point for any need, home services, a Personalized Prevention Plan, and all clinical data continuously updated. This mix of virtuous activities helps to define and address tailored care paths based on age and current pathologies.

Since assessing the current and past state of health is mandatory to provide high-quality prevention services, the value of the data gathered is essential. The main need is to collect and store clinical information by giving the patient the freedom to interact with data and documents (upload, download, visualize and edit health evidence). It is also mandatory to integrate medical reports, exams, and anamnesis with the data flow to empower doctors and patients in managing daily activities.

The Challenge

Create a comprehensive and interoperable platform that embraces administrative staff, doctors, and patient activities by allowing to:

  • define the appropriate prevention path for the patient
  • leverage digital tools to manage patients’ journey
  • secure and interoperate clinical data within the boundaries of custom prevention plans.

Moreover, the solution must be easily integrable with third-party systems (wearables and IoT providers, laboratories, and care structures) and easy to scale by adding new innovative services that enhance the quality of care provision.

The Solution

To build the new digital platform, MDConcierge studied several options since the creation from scratch was not feasible due to long development and lack of resources risks. By analyzing the possible alternatives from the market, merely buying a SaaS was not an option since they were too vertical. Some of them were focused on hospital and first-aid operations, while others were more dedicated to corporate structures or elderly care.

The solution built with Mia-Care is now used by more than 40 doctors and consists of a multi-application portal accessible both from desktop and smartphone.

Back Office for Admins and Doctors

The Back Office is the portal that gathers all the services to onboard, manage and care for patients acquired. This high-performing portal allows to:

  • Manage patients’ views and assign clinical exams
  • Collect and analyze clinical data for preventive goals
  • Create and update customized prevention plans
  • Create and manage Patient’s Medical Diary

Web Application for Patients

Patients have a clear vision of their personalized care pathway. The Portal provides an intuitive registration process by adding his personal information and enriching the profile with past clinical documentation, laboratory exams, and family health history. Once registered, all the information is securely stored, and the user can contact MDConcierge to schedule the first appointment to assess his health status.

The Impact

The modern platform created for administrative staff, doctors, and patients had a relevant impact on MDConcierge daily activities:

  • Business continuity based on stable technology and improvements
  • Faster patient management operations
  • Efficient use of clinical data and rapid creation of medical records
  • Easy sharing and updating of medical documentation
  • Modern and intuitive interface to improve patient empowerment
  • Quicker creation of prevention plans personalized to care needs
  • High satisfaction from MDConcierge users (doctors, administrative staff)

Why Mia-Care

MDConcierge found in Mia-Care the right partner to build its comprehensive clinical platform dedicated to creating and managing personalized prevention plans for assisted people. The quality of software code and the processes that led to the final delivery relied on three main pillars.

We have started 2022 with the new MDConcierge Digital Health Record, created and developed by Mia-Care with its microservices platform, which will guarantee scalability, evolution, and a unique experience for our clients.


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