Unlock the power of digital health

Mia-Care helps Pharma, MedTech, and Clinics accelerate their digital evolution and get integrated into the healthcare ecosystem.

We enable healthcare companies to rapidly build and scale a custom digital platform for developing secure, high‑performing, and reliable digital health services anytime and everywhere.

Our daily job is to provide you the best technology while you can focus on your customer experience!

Our Software Suite helps to connect in real-time partners, staff, administrators, and patients to streamline workflows, manage data integration and improve overall customer experiences.


Develop Fast

Accelerate your time to market using our ready-to-use Microservices and API marketplace for an easy platform setup and deployment. Mia-Care Backoffice, enriched by Headless CMS, will help you to configure and orchestrate data, content, and services with few clicks.

Develop Smart

Integrate and manage data from multiple digital touchpoints and data sources. Leverage custom dashboards to create holistic views of your clinical, operational, and business KPIs and enable broader access to meaningful insights and information.

Develop Securely

Meet compliance and privacy requirements with a secure-by-design platform including ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, EU 2017/745, and more. Integrate multiple safeguards and robust process monitoring phases, including access control and data encryption.

Mia-Care enables Pharma, Medical Device Manufacturers, Clinics, Insurances, and Digital Health companies to deliver a seamless digital experience, modernize applications, and abstract the complexity of legacy systems to unlock new partnership models.


We leverage the best cloud-native technology from Mia‑Platform to gain real-time visibility on all your digital projects and govern the integration from a single interface. Our solution relies on microservices, APIs, events, fast data streams, and DevOps management.

Gartner has named Mia-Platform as Cool Vendor 2021 for Software Engineering, one of the three companies mentioned worldwide.

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