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Patient Journey Digitalization

Speed up the patient onboarding and keep the governance of healthcare facilities’ performance. Offer a self‑service and seamless experience to patients and provide a digital control tower to streamline the doctors’ workload.

Electronic Health Record

Digitalize health information to empower doctors’ decision‑making process with data analysis. Allow a deep integration of medical reports from different specialists and share patients data with your healthcare ecosystem.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Simplify the monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical spaces, enabling a compliant‑by‑design digital application for virtual visits, remote therapy management, and drug adherence verification.

Medical Device Management

Configure, track and trace your connected medical equipment to gather real‑time data on device status recurrently. Enjoy broad flexibility on building customized dashboards for data analysis to improve therapy management and device performance.

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Rely on a patient‑centric approach to simplify the onboarding phase of people participating in the testing phase. Engage patients remotely, gather real‑time rewards and improve your decision‑making process, enhancing the success rate of decentralized clinical trials.

Virtual Clinic Builder

Create a one‑stop digital shop for your customers, providing a wide variety of healthcare services available with a simple touch. Integrate applications from partners and 3rd‑parties, and deliver your health services with a seamless digital experience.

Process Automation

Acquire the technological capabilities to automate clinical pathways, optimize processes and reduce operations costs. Have a clear focus on your decision‑making process without wasting time on the monitoring of recurrent routines.

Healthcare Data Hub

Realize an enterprise platform that integrates all your business applications and efficiently serves the business channels in real‑time. Leverage Fast Data technology and Single View tools to have a comprehensive view of your data analytics.

Health Middleware

Decouple IT legacy systems from your channels and integrate all the information needed to provide unified services to users. Build an interconnected ecosystem of cloud‑native digital services tailored to meet the new healthcare market needs.

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