Pharma E‑Commerce

The Pharma E-Commerce is a Mia-Care plugin that provides APIs that can be used to create your own pharmaceutical e-commerce.

Many care providers have started thinking about enriching and integrating their current offerings with a user-friendly marketplace for purchasing common medications or prescriptions directly.

To accelerate the creation of customized and secure e-commerce sites, Mia-Care has put all its energy into developing a new powerful and secure microservice.

Doctor specialists, general practitioners, and pharmacists can easily enable a digital storefront for medicines that can be turned into upselling opportunities for partners.

Key Features

  • Registration and pharmacy providers search (based on geolocation)

  • Provision of a list of product categories based on providers and locations

  • Creation of a shopping cart and payment gateway

  • Access to the order history and set recurring orders

Use Cases

Creation of a public marketplace to purchase OTC and regulated drugs

Enablement of a one-stop-shop for virtual primary care services

Improve the patient journey with the availability of the drug marketplace

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