Therapy and Monitoring Manager

The Therapy and Monitoring Manager is a Mia-Care service that allows healthcare professionals to manage patient therapies and monitor patient health, adherence, and compliance.

Observations are entered by the patient to whom the therapy and monitoring are directed and represent the steps taken by the patient to comply with the plan. Adherence and compliance metrics are calculated based on the observations entered by the patient.

These metrics trigger the sending of notifications as defined by the clinician who created the therapy or monitoring.

Set thresholds and send notifications to alert stakeholders to events that occur during the therapy and monitoring.

Key Features

  • Definition and control of therapies and monitoring

  • Checks on compliance and adherence

  • Definition of thresholds and notifications for early detection

  • Enablement of self-measurements directly from the patient

Use Cases

Creation of new therapy paths for chronic and acute diseases

Enablement of Patient Remote monitoring and ePRO

Definition of analytics frameworks for clinical studies

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