Form Service

The Form Service is a microservice that makes it easy and fast to create a form.

With a UX suitable for non-technical users, the service allows healthcare and non-healthcare operators (e.g. Business Admins) to create forms that can be customized according to the desired use case.

Form Builder

The operator has complete freedom to insert data fields in the desired location and view them in real time, as layout components can be inserted to change the overall appearance of the form.

Form Visualizer

Enable questionnaires displaying ingest data into configurable endpoints. Data for some fields can also be automatically calculated based on the value of other fields through mathematical operations.

Works greatly with

Therapy and Monitoring Manager

Allows the creation of flexible therapy plans and enables patients’ self-assessment on treatment paths.

Messaging Service

Allows the automatic generation of a message directed to a doctor when a form submission entails his intervention.

Use Cases

Custom Medical Reports for Specialized Visits

Triage Service and symptom checker

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